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Teak Stand with Wine Holder


Welcome to our exquisite collection of teak wood wine bottle holders! Each piece is a true masterpiece, boasting unparalleled uniqueness in design. Crafted from authentic teak wood, every holder carries its own distinct characteristics, reflecting the natural beauty of the wood. What sets our wine bottle holders apart is not only their stunning aesthetics but also their commitment to sustainability. We take pride in using only licensed farmed teak wood, sourced responsibly from Indonesia. By utilising wood that has been excavated from the ground, we contribute to the promotion of replantation efforts, ensuring a greener and more abundant future.

At the heart of these exceptional wine bottle holders lies an iron plate that runs through the center, adorned with a series of rings meticulously designed to securely cradle your cherished bottles. Our holders are available in three sizes, though each size is an estimate due to the inherent variations in the teak wood. This only adds to the allure of each piece, as you’ll own a truly one-of-a-kind creation. Whether you’re a wine enthusiast looking to showcase your collection or seeking an elegant gift, our teak wood wine bottle holders offer both functional storage and an artistic statement, all while supporting sustainable practices. Elevate your wine experience with these captivating pieces of artistry and nature intertwined.

4 Hole Size: 120cm

6 Hole Size: 165cm

8 Hole Size: 180cm

Sizes are approximated due to the nature of the product





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