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Extendable Santa Gonk


Our Telescopic Santa Gonk, the perfect addition to your Christmas decor or a delightful Christmas gift!

This jolly Santa Gonk embodies the traditional charm of the festive season with its timeless design. Our Santa Gonk features the iconic gonk style, complete with a long white beard, a big, friendly nose, and a large red hat made from cozy, hand-stitched wool. Dressed in classic red mittens and a matching hat, our Telescopic Santa Gonk radiates the warm and inviting colors of the season. What makes it even more special is its extendable legs, allowing it to grow up to 125cm tall. Crafted from soft materials and fabric, our Santa Gonk is not only a delightful decoration but also perfect for cuddling up with on those cold winter nights. Whether you’re looking for a unique present or a charming addition to your home decor, our Telescopic Santa Gonk is the ideal choice for spreading festive Christmas cheer.



85cm - 125cm


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